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Step into the world of prediction quizzes, where excitement meets anticipation! Whether you are a sports lover or a social media enthusiast, these quizzes offer a thrilling opportunity to showcase your predictive skills.

Diverse Events

Covering sports matches (cricket, football, tennis) and social media activities of celebrities (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter)

Active Participation

Join quizzes, make predictions, and win coins when your prediction matches with the actual outcome

Competitive Edge

Make your best guesses, compete with other users, and be on top of the leaderboard

How It Works

You win coins when your guesses matches correctly with the actual outcomes

How Prediction Quizzes Work


Choose from various live quizzes based on upcoming sports events or social media activities.


Events include sports like cricket, football, tennis, or activities of famous personalities on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.


Select and join a quiz, then submit your guesses.

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“"I've been hooked on this prediction game! It's super addictive predicting my favorite sports matches, and the coins I earn just add to the thrill!”

Rajesh Gupta

Software Engineer

“As a cricket fan, this game has become my go-to! Predicting match outcomes and earning coins feels like I'm part of the action. Love it! ”

Priya Sharma

Marketing Executive

“Never thought predicting sports results could be this fun! The interface is user-friendly, and the coin rewards keep me coming back for more.”

Amit Patel

Financial Analyst

“This prediction game is a game-changer! It's like having a crystal ball for sports matches. Predict, earn coins, repeat – it's that addictive! ”

Neha Singh


“I'm blown away by this prediction game! Whether it's football or tennis, predicting outcomes is a blast, and the coins I accumulate make it even better! ”

Sandeep Kumar

Freelance Writer

"I'm not much of a sports buff, but this game has got me hooked! Predicting match results and earning coins feels like a win-win. Highly recommend! ”

Anjali Desai

Graphic Designer

ViralShots Rules

Earning Points and Rewards

Earn points for every correct prediction in quizzes.

Score high to win ViralShots coins at the time of winner announcement.

Compete with thousands of other predictors and attain top ranks to earn more coins.

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